In the hills overlooking the Galilee, just outside the center of Nazareth, is a small studio run by a young mother of three named Tereza. It is here-with a view of the Galilee’s green hills and valleys-that Tereza works to bring her dream of making high quality, all-natural soaps of reality. As you walk into her small studio, the first thing that hits you is inevitably the smell, which is nothing short of amazing. With the green vistas out the window, you leave the hum of the city behind and are immediately taken to a quieter and more peaceful space. Tereza has dedicated her life to making natural cosmetics that she sells around Israel She spent years studying her craft and grew from selling her high-quality goods at small stores through Nazareth to selling over the country.

Orgaanic Soap

The benefits of soap made from natural ingredients are several especially that they help maintaining healthy and beautiful skin


The shampoo bar is formulated with certified organic ingredients as a result the hair is smother and shinier the scalp is healthy


When we relax the flow of blood increases around our body giving us more energy and positive thinking

Here is a glimpse into the soap making process that Tereza used to craft your soap. We hope you enjoy the beautiful smells from Nazareth! I remembered that in my childhood I loved to draw and to make a lot of handmade things and I remember that I wanted to study craftsmanship in university but my parent objected. This product took me back to what I originally and naturally wanted to do. It is a true passion of mine. Creating my own recipes and formulas and watching them come to life is so satisfying. I truly love it.